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Organisational Development

"When you ask people about what it is like being part of a great team, what is most striking is the meaningfulness of the experience.    People talk about being part of something larger than themselves, of being connected, of being generative."  Senge.

Does your business or organisation experience any of the following:

  • Alignment challenges?
  • Challenges in transforming the vision into successful strategy and execution?
  • Silo operation, where learning across disciplines is a challenge?
  • Challenges in anticipating and responding to seismic changes in the business space?
  • A lack of cohesion and leadership capability at all levels.
  • Challenges in identifying talent and succession planning?

Would your business or organisation benefit from an approach that:

  • Solidifies organisational leadership around the organisation's vision, values, purpose and strategy?
  • Aligns the organisation, promoting clarity of messaging throughout the organisation?
  • Enhances your ability to respond quickly and uniformly to strategic shifts?
  • Supports talent identification?
  • Increases team cohesion and leadership capability at all levels?
  • Identifies opportunities for enhanced organisational effectiveness as key business functions are examined continually in an open, structured environment?
  • Grows the capacity, confidence, competence and capability of your leaders?

Organisational Leadership Development Solutions:

Nine Conversations in Leadership™ is a Worldsview intervention that acts as a catalyst for long-term development of leaders.  It is applicable at all levels of an organisation, and is firmly rooted in the organisation's context.

The intervention comprises 9 facilitated conversations within a small peer group, the purpose of which is to share and learn from each other's challenges and co-create ideas and solutions from shared learning and wisdom.  Central axioms are how leaders exercise "choice" and develop "influence".

Conventional programmes often make the mistake of isolating the team from their work environment or equipping them with theory that may not be relevant, resulting in a bigger chasm in the leadership divide.   The Worldsview intervention turns this approach upside down, by reinforcing the importance of the organisational context, beginning with a Statement of Intent - by asking the client very specifically what they want to achieve with this leadership cell.  This may require facilitation, to frame the issues correctly, and may be quite cathartic in itself. 

The intervention operates in 3 dimensions:  organisational, leading others, and leading self and include activities and dialogue that address the realms of knowledge, being and doing (known as Heads, Hearts and Hands).   Conventional programmes look at Self first - we don't. By undertaking the other modules first, delegates begin to appreciate what they must do themselves to meet these challenges and deliver their objectives.   Throughout the intervention, performance is monitored and managed through the Learning Management System.

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HR Workforce Management Support:

Our objective is to provide rapid access to sophisticated tools and support at an affordable price for SMEs and other businesses and organisations to help all phases of the business cycle.  Focused support for targeted purposes is the goal, and will particularly help businesses and organisations that may have a small or no HR department.  

Did you know?

  • Most people are recruited on grounds of eligibility, and not suitability.
  • 80% of staff turnover can be attributed to mistakes made during the employee selection and recruitment process?
  • In jobs with high turnovers, those who recruit people using job suitability matching techniques have approximately half the number of leavers/fired? (24 v 46%)
  • In jobs with low turnovers, those who recruit people with job suitability matching techniques have 80% less turnover (5 v 25% within a 6 -month window)?

           Source: Harvard Business Review, Vol 58, No 9.


  • Traditional hiring methods only provide less than a 20% likelihood of a successful hiring decision?
  • The cost of employee turnover can range from x0.5 - x4.0 the employee's annual salary and benefits.
  • With the right tools and know-how, you can improve the chances of hiring success by up to 75%.

Our Solutions:

As accredited facilitators of the PRISM neuro-science based tool, we can support the following areas of the business cycle: 

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