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About Us

Today's challenges require multi-faceted responses.  We apply a collaborative approach with partners to deliver integrated solutions, tailored to meet the client's specific needs. An example is how Nusura's SimulationDeck and C4iTrgTech's EDMSIM are integrated through an API to deliver a joint capability.  We have 3 strategic partnerships:

CTS International is NATO Joint Warfare Centre's premier scenario developer, providing the background settings against which NATO HQs are evaluated for certification on operations, as well as supporting the development and delivery of the exercises.  Roger Lane is the Warfare Centre's Senior Exercise Control Advisor, supporting design, development and delivery.  Both have tracked the geopolitical changes in the security landscape and incorporate this into their scenario development, with cyber, space as well as complex hybrid threats being intertwined to challenge the participants.   As a partnership, they provide a range of training support to NATO HQs, using their network of Subject Matter Experts to support delivery.  For more, see: http://cts.international/.

Nusura Inc is a leading provider of simulation of the Information Environment. Its application, SimulationDeck, provides a single platform on which a comprehensive range of TV, online radio, online print, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, blogging and organisational portals may be simulated in a highly authentic manner.  Users have their own social media accounts, as well as portals to manage. SimulationDeck is used to power major exercise events in the USA and has its own exercise management suite.   For more see: https://nusura.com/ .

C4iTrgTEch is a leading provider of simulation.  The Emergency Disaster Management Simulation (EDMSIM) enables us to simulate individual entities - people, vehicles, equipment-and create realistic scenarios in which users are immersed so that they can rehearse their contingency plans in a safe, supportive environment.  EDMSIM is highly interactive:  see https://www.c4itrgtech.com/products/edmsim/ for more.  For those requiring a heavier emphasis on the military dimensions of security, we can use MILSIM, which enables detailed  to take place interactions against realistic adversaries, all tailored to the client's requirements. This could include support to operational planning.   For more on MILSIM, see:  https://www.c4itrgtech.com/products/milsim/.