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Drawing upon 35 years of experience in the Royal Marines and NATO, as well as in his 2 businesses, with clients in Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia, Roger has been in a leadership laboratory all his working life, whether it be negotiating the successful end to a prison riot in Kabul which had left 5 people dead, or managing the impact of fatal aviation accidents or helping leaders to conduct strategic planning for an organisation that grew from 60000 employees to 435000 employees over 4 years.   His first formal leadership appointment began with 30 people.  He finished his Service career being responsible for directing the operations of 12000 troops from 37 nations in Afghanistan.  

Learning leadership lessons under fire, as well as in multi-national environments, has provided Roger with a variety of lessons that will resonate with corporate clients, providing an unusual perspective to captivate audiences.  His experiences become metaphors for corporate challenges, and his observations are pragmatic and provide insights into resilience and decision-making under super-stressed situations. 

Topics include:

•  Authentic leadership: dare to be the person- not the role.

•  Negotiating: lessons for business from resolving a prison riot in Afghanistan.

•  Crisis response leadership: 8 key tips for the leadership team.

•  FEELING FITTER to lead: 10 of the most important lessons Roger learnt about leadership in the Royal Marines.

 • Effective decision-making under super-stressed situations. Why good people make poor decisions.   Linked to risk attitudes and behaviours.

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