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Crisis Management Team development

When an organisation experiences a major incident, the effectiveness of its response is judged by what it says and what it does.   Closing the "say"-"do"  gap is a key objective of crisis management teams, to ensure its communications and operational response are aligned.  Failure  to manage a crises or major incident effectively risks organisational reputation and financial losses. 

There are multiple entry points for those seeking crisis management training and development. 

  • How  effective might we operate as a team under pressure?  Through profiling and exercises, we can simulate how the team is likely to withstand pressure and gain insights into the human interaction between members of the team, their strengths, black and blind spots.
  • How effective are we at managing our communications?   We are a partner with Nusura, which is a leading provider of simulating the Information Environment, using its SimulationDeck exercise management suite.  With TV, radio, online print, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, blogging and organisational website portals, the complete information environment is created. It can also provide the backbone for exercise management. For more information, see https://nusura.com/simulationdeck/
  • How effective are we at managing our operational response? We are also a partner with C4iTrgTech, a leading provider of emergency disaster management simulations (EDMSIM), which allows us to model down to individual people, vehicles and equipment and simulate a range of man-made and natural disasters, enabling simulation of an inter-agency response at scale.   For more, see https://www.c4itrgtech.com/products/edmsim/.  For an example of a complex terrorist attack in an urban setting involving local authorities, local and federal police, fire and rescue, emergency medical staff and civilians, watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MogycWPjdk.
  • How do we align our communications and operational responses to make an effective intervention?   By linking SimulationDeck and EDMSIM through an API, organisations can simulate their communications and operational responses under realistic conditions.

How else might can we support you?

  • Building scenarios for table-top exercises, using an experienced scenario development team.
  • Developing or evaluating your own plans.  By running the simulations multiple times, crisis management teams will become more aware of the potential range of outcomes they might face, and therefore develop different contingencies to reflect the different situations.
  • Demonstrate effectiveness of your responses to reassure stakeholders, supply-chain and customers that your responses are effective.
  • After action reviews: both simulations provide After Action Review capabilities, including video from EDMSIM. This provides a rich source of learning, developing critical judgement, as well as creating a library of events from which others can learn.

For more information on the Crisis Management Team development support, please ring +44 (0)23 9249 2603 or email roger@rogerlaneconsulting.com

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