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 Team Building and Development

"Not finance. Not strategy. Not technology.  It is teamwork that remains the ultimate competitive advantage, both because it is so powerful and so rare." Lencioni.

Does your business or organisation face any of the following:

  • Complex or multi-dimensional tasks?
  • High levels of uncertainty and a wide choice of solutions?
  • Have a requirement for high levels of cross-functonal skills or expertise? 
  • Devote significant effort to managing relationships and stakeholders?

How important is team-work to you and your organisation?

What could you do better and differently through enhanced teamwork? How would that improve your triple bottom line - provider of choice; investment of choice; and employer of choice?

Business Benefits:

  • Purposeful teams become a desirable work-form in your business.
  • Purposeful teams are high performing, effective and deliver rapid results.
  • Purposeful teams implement execution strategies and action plans to deliver on strategic objectives.
  • Purposeful teams avert potentially derailing team and relationship issues.

Our Solutions:  Purposeful Teams

Purposeful Teams™ is a powerful intervention that grounds the team firmly within its organisational context, transforming the team's mandate into a higher- level purpose that the team crafts and owns, and creates a direct line-of-sight between individuals and organisational goals.   It consists of a 2-day intensive intervention, with 2 half-day follow-up sessions at approximately monthly intervals to reinforce learning and sustain clarity of purpose and delivery of team goals and objectives.  

Key elements include:

  • Providing a forum and techniques where all voices are heard and all participants engage.
  • It provides the space for team members to grow themselves and their team.
  • Assessment of individual styles and their impact on other team members.
  • Action assignments accelerate performance and helps the team to monitor progress.
  • Feedback within the group: a delegate's perspecive:


"Feedback is the breakfast of champions."

Making a commitment at the individual and team level is essential for success. Considerable emphasis is placed on defining priorities, assigning responsibilities and time-lines, which are then implemented and monitored in subsequent sessions of the intervention.   Rooms become festooned with ideas and plans, such as the example shown below:

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Other Solutions:

We also create bespoke programmes for team building and development.  These embrace a combination of:

  • A variety of inputs for diagnostic purposes and to measure improvement in performance.
  • Improving the level of knowledge within the team about human dynamics.
  • Improving self-awareness through self-assessment and peer feedback.
  • Use of 360-feedback, psychometric and other assessment tools.
  • Practical activities to enhance team building and problem-solving skills.
  • Pushing teams beyond their comfort zone in a safe,supportive environment.
  • Personal development plans.
  • Follow-up to ensure implementation.
  • Coaching support where required.

These programmes can use tools such as the neuro-science based PRISM personal performance mapping tool or TMSDI's psychometric tools as a basis for diagnosing areas of strength or potential weaknesses for subsequent programme design.   Both of these have specific modules for team development purposes.  They provide key insights into alignment challenges and other behavioural, communications or other issues.  

Critically, they offer powerful insights into perceptions of other stakeholders about the team and provide quantitative data of up to 50+ areas of performance where improvements can be made.  This focuses the team on real issues, prioritises them, and results in action plans for implementation.  We invest in understanding your organisational context and challenges before programme design.

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Exercise your choice to do something better and differently today.