Leadership - Propelling Performance through People

                Client Testimonials

" To follow up and say thank you very much for the 2 days that you facilitated for us, it was a pleasure to work with you. Your expert facilitation over the 2 days really helped to galvanise us into a more cohesive team and enabled us to move forward on a lot of significant strategy issues and also relationally as a team.  The impact 4 weeks on is that we are working more effectively together and have a much better shared vision."  Strategy workshop 2014. (Tim Skelton, Manager, NIHR Leicester-Loughborough Diet, Lifestyle and Physical Activity Biomedical Research Unit.)

"The value you bring our staff and to the training audiences cannot be expressed enough...thank you for all you have done...in our transformational efforts."  J-F B, Norway.

"An immediate catalyst for change...brilliant added value." Workshop organiser (STRIKFORNATO,Portugal)

"Outstanding lecture. Very professional."  (USA)

"Very inspirational and interesting presentation. If possible, more time should be allocated".  

"Very interesting presentation. A lot of information everyone can use in their daily work." (CZE)

"Thank you so much for a fantastic talk this afternoon. It was perfect for students, well balanced with information and interest and mind opening. We (staff) all found it excellent and I feel confident that students will say the same when we see them tomorrow."  (Judy Grill, Churcher's College) 

"One of the most enjoyable sessions of the week"  (Student, Bradford University)

"A real feeling that we are on to something special that can clearly set us apart from the pack....probably the most useful thing of its kind I have been on...I didn't think we could get much more out of the process after the previous two sessions but Thursday and Friday proved me wrong."  ( BDO Stoy Hayward.  Roger Lane acted as a facilitator for GroundTruth)

"Spot on. Nothing to improve."  (AE, NB Entrust Real Estate - crisis leadership programme)

"This is my first crisis leadership training I have done and I found it very good." (TM, NB Entrust Real Estate)

"I have the greatest respect for your abilities to see deep into people’s souls and find what is good whilst acknowledging the downsides that are inherent in all of us."  (Save the Children,  Roger Lane acted an assessor for the GroundTruth Assessment programme) 

"It was fun and eye-opening....It was insanely fun....I thought it was fun and I learned a lot about myself... Overall the day was fun and useful. I think I learnt a lot from it and understand people better. " ( Selection of student comments, Year 9, Portsmouth High School)