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  Workplace Conflict and Negotiating

"The amount of time spent by employers resolving individual workplace conflict has increased in more than 40% of UK organisations during the last 2 years... The most common reasons are...dissatisfaction with line manager, perceived bullying and harassment and a personality clash.  Xpert HR Study report 2011. 

Did you know?

BA claims it lost £84M in revenue over 12 days of industrial action in 2010.

Does your organisation experience any of the following:

  • Tension between individuals resulting in sub-optimal performance?
  • Derailing behaviours within teams - from Board room to the front line?
  • Lack of skills amongst leaders and managers to deal with conflict?
  • Unsatisfactory levels of departures due to conflict?
  • Inadequate strategies to address workplace conflict?
  • Poor negotiating skills.

Would your organisation benefit from:

  • Programmes that explored diversity in a safe, supportive environment.

  • Programmes that explored people's different behavioural preferences.

  • Programmes that helped people to understand different approaches to conflict.

  • Programmes that provided strategies for conflict resolution.

  • Programmes that explained the impact of verbal and non-verbal communications in conflict resolution.
  • Improved negotiating skills.

Our Programmes:

Whilst conflict is almost inevitable in the workplace, the outcome of such conflict is not pre-determined. People have choice.  In fact, creating a positive environment where different views are aired and examined constructively will help a team to be more productive. 

The programmes begin with a deep understanding of each individual in the team, their preferences, conflict modes and potential indicators, including areas of potential stress and frustration.  By understanding why people are different, and how they respond to different stimuli (need for meetings for brainstorming versus a  preference for individual reflection of issues etc, the participants develop a high level of self-awareness of the impact of their own behavioural preferences on others.  These key insights provide the seque into conflict modes and strategies.

These programmes can include negotiating skills or this can be conducted as a separate activity.    The focus is on the human dynamics aspects of negotiating, together with strategies for effective negotiating.

The programmes can be stand-alone, part of a team building or team development activity, or part of individual coaching support. 

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