Leadership - Propelling Performance through People

Our Services

"Be the change you want to see in the world".  Gandhi

Individual Coaching and Development: We help clients to boost individual performance and may use psychometric profiling tools, including 360-feedback tools, to generate qualitative and quantitative reports on which to base coaching support and other development support. Reports are detailed, providing key insights into personal preferences, behavioural strengths and areas for development. This balances the client's self-perceptions with those of others, providing new insights and opportunities to move forward. We energise and inspire client's commitment to action, unblocking barriers, creating momentum for change and encouraging new behaviours leading to enhanced performance.

Individuals may also attend a one-day Heart of Leadership™ workshop, which provides an opportunity to reflect on one's own journey and identify opportunities to expand one's leadership potential, whether it be for business or social contexts. It may be run as a public workshop for individuals or within organisations, re-focusing and re-energising people in their leadership roles.

Team Building and Development: The modern concept of a "team" as the fundamental unit of work in an organisation has become even more important in today's dispersed workplace. Whether they are remote, matrix or project teams, or whether they are functional, departmental management teams or executive teams, all have their own challenges to overcome in order to achieve optimal performance.

To overcome potential alignment and engagement gaps, teams work together to define their own purpose statement that provides direct line-of-sight from an individual's aspirations, through team mandate to organisational objectives. Used in conjunction with a number of other tools, the Worldsview Purposeful Team™ intervention is a base intervention for team building and development. Collectively, they provide a flexible approach that meld knowledge development, work-place assignments, practical experience and opportunities to reflect on performance in order to propel superior performance.    

Organisational (Leadership) Development: We are accredited to conduct Worldsview's Organisational Leadership Development Programme - 9 Conversations in Leadership™ - a progressive programme lasting approximately 3- 6 months. The programme embraces best practices in adult learning and inspires participants commitment to action, based on the creation of personal development plans, together with team and individual work-based assignments.

E-learning and Experiential Simulation: We create cutting edge experiential simulations and e-learning solutions in order to deliver consistent, accessible solutions for learning across organisations. Experiential simulations are often co-created with the client to promote buy-in, using the Trackbuilder™ application owned by the CTO, providing a safe environment to learn behavioural or process changes, as well as measuring performance through compliance simulations.  Rapid development and deployment, together with ease of modification, make them highly valued.  They are SCORM/AICC compliant.

Specialty Programmes: We design and deliver bespoke development programmes, using a network of specialists to augment our own skill-sets. Typical examples include:

Team Building and leadership development in the healthcare sector: We design and deliver team building and development programmes for the healthcare sector and offer leadership development programmes which collectively focus on improving patient safety through improved teamwork.

Leadership Development in Schools: We design and deliver leadership development programmes for schools, beginning with children in Year 9, building incrementally to the Sixth Form. Key focus areas are understanding why we are all different behaviourally; how we can use these differences to make the most of each individual's contribution; identifying one's strengths and areas for development; creative problem-solving; roles and responsibilities of prefects; and managing awkward situations.  Crucially, teachers are part of the programme, so that they reinforce the key learning points and ensure the concepts are embedded in the students.

Crisis Response Leadership:  We design and deliver crisis response programems to help teams manage serious incidents more effectively.   The focus is on the human factors and human dynamics aspects, and effective leadership strategies to enhance performance under super-stressed conditions.

Managing Workplace Conflict:   We have designed and delivered programmes on managing workplace conflict, using a combination of the Thomas Kilman conflict model and the PRISM neuro-science based profiling systems to explain diversity amongst the workforce, approaches to dealing wtih conflict and how to employ successful strategies to reduce conflict.

Conference Speaker: Roger relishes public speaking opportunities.  Drawing upon a wide variety of different personal experiences, his talks provide new perspectives and challenges the audience to think differently.  Topics include:

  • Authentic leadership: dare to be the person- not the role.
  • Negotiating: lessons for business from resolving a prison riot in Afghanistan.
  • Crisis response leadership: 8 key tips for the leadership team.
  • FEELING FITTER to lead: 10 of the most important lessons Roger learnt about leadership in the Royal Marines.
  • Effective decision-making under super-stressed situations. Why good people make poor decisions.