Leadership - Propelling Performance through People

Educational Programmes

We offer 2 main programmes to support schools and colleges: a leadership development programme and another to overcome exam nerves.  To download a brochure, click here.

Lower Sixth Form students discuss roles and responsibilities of appointment holders, before making their action plans.

Would your pupils benefit from:

  • Learning about their individual strengths and areas for development?
  • Learning why people are so diverse and to communicate more effectively?
  • Learning new creative problem-solving skills?
  • Learning more effective strategies to manage conflict with others?
  • Learning how to foster teamwork and value the contribution of others?
  • Learning how to be effective prefects or hold other appointments confidently?
  • Learning cutting edge strategies to overcome exam nerves?

Would your staff  benefit from:

  • Learning how to establish rapport and provide more effective feedback with pupils and parents quickly?
  • Learning strategies to personalise teaching to meet individual pupil’s needs?
  • Learning how manage conflict in classes more effectively?
  • Learning how to choose effective teams for group work or expeditions?

Year 11 students engaged in creative problem-solving, enhancing communications and team work.

What makes an effective leader?

In simple terms, leadership is about deciding upon a destination, providing a bus and selling tickets.  Wise leaders (prefects, house captains) ensure other people (pupils, peers) want to go on the right bus (compelling vision) to the correct destination (virtuous objective) with sufficient money (resources) to pay for the fare. Everything that happens on the bus is management.  Learning to lead is a journey - so jump on the bus as early as possible.

Programme Benefits:

  • Developing more flexible behaviours to enhance communication effectiveness. 
  • Make better decisions more quickly.
  • Improve your ability to lead others and solve problems effectively.
  • Value the contribution of others more effectively.
  • Understand the power of listening in order to lead effectively.
  • Develop more effective and broader relationships.
  • Gain confidence through having choices in managing conflict.
  • Develop a prefect’s action plan.
  • Fulfil your potential by focusing on performance during exams, not nerves.

To download a brochure, please click here.

Overcoming Exam Nerves

We recognise that all people learn differently, and that some are better at exams than others.  Anxiety leads to sub-optimal performance, because people cannot think straight under stress, or get into "blind" panic and so their overall results do not reflect their real ability.

We have introduced a new programme, under licence from Remarkable Performance, with whom we work closely, to deliver differentiated programmes to overcome exam nerves. The programme is available NOW.

The schools' programme lasts a double period, and we work to the school's timetable wherever possible.  The programme consists of:

  • A facilitated session in a classroom where pupils learn about the origin of fear, and the role that imagination plays in developing "fears". 
  • Introducing 5 techniques for overcoming exam nerves.
  • An extensive handbook, providing more background information, and detailed instructions on the techniques, which range from dietary improvements, use of music, breathing and others.
  • Access to the Fear website for more information.
  • Access to an email address for further enquiries.

A separate programme for staff may also be programmed to provide them with the skills to reinforce the learning by their pupils.

The programme for universities lasts one day which permits more in-depth consideration of fear, fear triggers and techniques.  Individual fears are addressed.   Students are also provided with a similar support package as those in schools.   

For more information about Remarkable Performance's Fear Courses, please see www.fearcourse.com.

For more information on the Educational programmes, please ring +44 (0)23 9249 2603 or email roger@rogerlaneconsulting.com

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