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Crisis Response Leadership

"Will the cost of sales lost, damaged reputation, and potentially negative impact of a crisis on market share or revenues affect the organisation's ability to grow and increase profit margins? What is the cost associated with the company’s long-term market value or equity?”

Now ask your Executive team to consider what percentage of market share or revenue they could tolerate losing through a crisis, and work out the cost. What does that represent in terms of lost people, plant, premises and processes - then look at your plans and training.

Our focus is on the human factors and human dynamics aspects of crisis response leadership.

Does your business or organisation face any of the following:

  •  Vulnerability from terrorist or other security risks?
  •  Requirement to provide high levels of availability to clients?
  •  Risk reputational damage for failing to manage incidents professionally?
  •  Suffer business risks from failing to manage incidents professionally?

Would you benefit from:

  • Learning a proven strategy that promotes effective crisis leadership?
  • Being able to quickly control and stabilise critical incidents?
  • Being able to think quickly and clearly when under pressure?
  • Being able to drive success in any type of incident?
  • Being able build emotional resilience in your team?
  • Learning a process for auditing crisis leadership preparedness?
  • Having access to over 80 years experience of crisis leadership?

Dr David Wilkinson (left) facilitates an activity - encouraging people to look at things critically and differently.

Research into the client's working environment to ensure realistic scenarios, terminology, procedures and processes is a key element of preparation by Roger Lane Consulting Ltd.

Modular Programmes

To meet client requirements, we offer a modular programme, lasting one to 2 days.  Miodules include:

  • Crises- myths and perceptions. 
  • Preparing for crisis response: A leader's perspective.
  • Managing Risk, Ambiguity and Uncertainty.
  • Building resilience in management teams.
  • Human reactions in a crisis.
  • Case study: victims of terrorist attacks.
  • 8-point strategy for effective crisis leadership - leader perspective.
  • 10 key building blocks for effective crisis leadership - corporate perspective.
  • Effective corporate communications during crises.

For more information on the Crisis Response programmes, please ring +44 (0)23 9249 2603 or email roger@rogerlaneconsulting.com

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