Leadership - Propelling Performance through People

 Healthcare Industry

Our team development programmes for the healthcare industry are designed to help initiatives to improve safer healthcare, by providing non-clinical skills and human factors training for clinicians and clinical teams.   We also offer leadership development programmes for the healthcare sector too. 

Does your organisation experience any of the following:

•  Breakdowns in communication, placing patients at risk?
•  Near-misses?
•  Variations in following protocols?
•  Unsatisfactory patient safety record?
•  Unsatisfactory staff satisfaction survey reports?

Would your organisation benefit from:

•  Improved teamwork.
•  Improved efficiency.
•  Improved patient safety.
•  Improved staff satisfaction.
•  Less variation.

 Team development involves the engagement of consultants, nurses and other allied health professionals.

Modular Programmes:

We build modular programmes, drawing upon lessons learnt from the aviation industry and the military, and combine this with clinical expertise to deliver memorable programmes that contribute towards improved patient safety and care.   Modular progammes may include:

•   Lessons on Crew Resource Management for clinical teams.
•   Managing Conflict in teams.
•   Threat and Error Management.
•   An introduction to Standard Operating Procedures and Intelligent Checklists.
•   Leadership and Situational Awareness.
•   Assertiveness and Emotional Intelligence.
•   Communicating Effectively.
•   Building High Performance Teams.

For more information on the healthcare programmes, please ring +44 (0)23 9249 2603 or email roger@rogerlaneconsulting.com.

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