Leadership - Propelling Performance through People

Experiential Simulation and E-learning

 Does your business or organisation face any of the following challenges:

  • Need to introduce new processes or behaviours across widespread locations rapidly or for large numbers of staff?
  • Inequality of standards of learning development across the organisation?
  • Unable to leverage best practices across different parts of the organisation quickly?
  • Keep up to date with mandatory training for regulatory or compliance purposes?
  • Time and cost control issues affecting learning and development activities?
  • Weaknesses in understanding systemic shortcomings in performance?
  • Lack of organisational alignment and unclear messaging?

Would your business or organisation benefit from:

  • Tapping the wisdom within the organisation to diffuse corporate knowledge uniformly.
  • Having a variety of formats - individual self-paced or group-learning - to meet different needs.
  • Training your people in a safe, supportive but challenging environment but which doesn't threaten live stakeholder relationships.
  • Developing a culture of creating new "best practices" and diffusing across the organisation.
  • Consistency of approach, to include the potential of solutions in different languages to reflect local and regional needs, but retaining the core narrative.
  • Accessible solutions for people on-demand, when it suited them.
  • Provided tailored feedback to individuals, but accessible to organisations for planning or compliance purposes through a Learning Management System.
  • Simulating real challenges, related to your organisational context.
  • Solutions that are quick and easy to modify to ensure currency and relevance.

Our solutions:

For the last 15 years, Jakob Gunge has developed an award-winning application called Trackbuilder™ that provides a rich learning environment for individuals and groups.  It comprises an authoring methodology - Wheels-in-Motion™ - and the Trackbuilder™ application that immerses participants in a realistic scenario in which decisions are made.  The participant then lives the consequences of their decision and is taken forward into a new scenario and new choices.  

Co-creating the simulations with the client is a central pillar of our success.  It leverages best practice from within and promotes buy-in from potential users. Scoring performance is done by a scorecard, based on competencies or other organisational yard-sticks and may be linked to a Learning Management System.  Multimedia, casts, and background paperwork are all created to improve the authenticity of the simulation. The simulations are SCORM/AICC compliant. 

Previous Trackbuilder applications:

Trackbuilder™ solutions have been used in sales training, pharma, financial,retail services, security, defence, social enterprise, education and healthcare sectors, indicating its widespread utility. In 2007, a Trackbuilder™ solution won a US Brandon-Hall award for the most innovative training solution and best custom content for a compliance simulation for Schering-Plough. Other users of Trackbuilder™ solutions include Xerox, The Sales Training Academy, KPMG and Eli Lilly.

Accelerating Critical Judgement:

Elsewhere, we have re-iterated the importance of feedback. Experiential simulation provides a powerful vehicle to develop critical judgement.  Participants are encouraged to explore options and manage the consequences in a safe, but challenging and authentic environment.

Feedback is the breakfast of chamions.  This screen-shot from a conflict resolution simulation for an alliance manager demonstrates the linkage between alliance manager competences and performance. 

Want to learn more about Trackbuilder? Please visit www.trackbuilder.net.

Please ring +44(0)23 9249 2603 or +44(0)791 2055 035 or email roger@rogerlaneconsulting.com or jakob@rogerlaneconsulting.com today to learn how Trackbuilder™ could be used to solve your business challenges.

E-learning solutions:

This is a new addition to our services to provide another mechanism by which organisations and businesses can scale up their learning development activities rapidly and consistently.  

We use the Adobe E-learning Suite 2.5 platform which is a fully integrated toolbox for efficiently creating professional e-learning content.  Application simulation tools, digital imaging HD production and processing, audio production, and content authoring in HTML or PDF is available. Rapid prototyping of solutions with customer feedback is encouraged, and solutions may be published to SCORM or AICC-compliant Learning Management Systems.

Please ring +44(0)23 9249 2603 or +44(0)791 2055 035 or email roger@rogerlaneconsulting.com today to learn how E-learning solutions could be used to solve your business challenges.